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Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting.  With the number of falsehoods we are told during interviews it is common to believe something that turns out completely different upon further examination, many times after the individual is hired.  We'll simplify the hiring process by giving you techniques that you can count on.       

We strive to help organizations and employees develop a solid foundation in communication assessment so they can be successful.  Find out how we can help you and your organization today!

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Our goal is to improve your ability to evaluate communication more proficiently  by providing training so you might successfully identify and articulate the lies that are present in human communication .

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Dr. Steven A. Rhoads, Ph.D is a retired police chief and has been a police officer for over 40 years.  His work in detecting deception has been featured in many news articles and television shows, most recently "On the Case with Paula Zahn."  He brings the unique perspective of the law enforcement background and his research in Behavioral Science to the classroom.

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