The most common types of liars you will encounter are:

Most liars will fit into this category
Their lies are used to avoid unpleasant situation or to prevent admitting a wrongdoing or embarrassment
They are typically uncomfortable with their lie so there are more observable responses

​They know lying is wrong
They do tend to become practiced in their deception so there are less observable responses
They tend not to pay attention to consistency or logic within their statements

Fortunately these types of liars are fairly uncommon
They have difficulty separating fact from fiction due to pattern of deception
They lie so frequently there is very little observable responses
They are, however, usually sloppy with their content and consistency 

This type of liar will lie for a specific purpose or personal gain
They think their lies through and they have been practiced and refined
They are the hardest to catch without independent verification
and significant observation/listening skills

They not only believe their lie but often live it out
They tend to be charming and usually very good at reading others
They will typically show little or no emotion since they believe their own lie

Types of Liars

Our Training programs are designed to provide information so you might quickly and accurately identify the type of liar you are talking with and more importantly the subtle ques that even the most practiced liar will leak during the conversation.