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The strict definition of a lie is  is to deliberately make a false statement
We Lie To....    Everyone & that Everyone lies to some degree 
On average, twice each day we tell an outright lie 
Only 31% of the US believes that Honesty is the best policy
Women typically lie in order to protect others
Men,  however, typically lie to gain power
The greater the perceived punishment, the easier to detect deception
According to the NACB 80% of resumes contain an outright lie
​25% of all lies that are told are to those whom we are closest too
                                                                                                We lie in 30-38% of all of or interactions with others
                                                                                                We lie to about 30 people each week
                                                                                                With all media we are exposed to about 7 lies an hour
                                                                                                91% of the US population admitted to lying “regularly”
                                                                                                 In General…

                                                                                                          Men lie more than women and that,    
                                                                                                          Young men lie more often than old men
                                                                                                The number one reason we lie is self-preservation
                                                                                                By the age of three 1/3 of all children start telling lies

                                                                                                By age 7 that number increases to 98%
                                                                                                23% of people admit to lying in an interview
                                                                                                Overall the person we lie to the most is… our selves
AND If you are attempting to find a lie… You will find one!--This presents the greatest risk of all. Far too often normal everyday gestures are misinterpreted due to lack of training, This is perhaps the best reason to discover the skill in evaluating all communication and the importance of ascertaining the true meaning of it.

*According to research and surveys


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