At the conclusion our

participants will have*:

Discovered the biological, psychological, and physiological changes that occur

when people are being deceptive and the reason for these changes.

Been given instruction on questions and question style in order to

accurately establish a baseline of normative communication styles by people

they are talking with AND how to identify and articulate changes as the interaction proceeds.

Learned techniques to evaluate verbal utterances and how to listen for key verbal phrases, notable words, and the basic indicators of deception that are present when people are being deceptive through the spoken word.

​Cultivated observations skills in order to observe the head-to-toe changes in body language that occurs when the limbic system is activated during attempts to be deceptive or to hide information or evade responding.

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This course is designed for ANYONE who wants or needs to detect deception in communication

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Our programs are one-three days long

In the one day program the very basic skills to detect deception through verbal and non-verbal communication is presented.  With each successive day more detailed explanations are provided and practical exercises are given to maximize the learning process by our students.  We will tailor our program and presentation to meet your organizational needs and desires.

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